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    The Products You Need in Your Daily Beauty Regimen

    The Products You Need in Your Daily Beauty Regimen

    Revamp Your Daily Beauty Regimen With Our New Line of Skincare Products

    Your daily skincare routine shouldn’t be a chore—but it can be if you’re using the wrong products. If it’s been 12 weeks without any results, it’s time to revamp your daily beauty regimen. Luckily, we have just thing to help you get back on track. Meet June’s Moon: a new line of skincare products.

    Step 1: Cleanser

    Get started by washing the day away. Luna’s Favorite Facial Cleanser is gentle, sulfate-free, and safe enough for everyday use. You’ll enjoy a sweet, calming sensation as you gently massage the cleanser into your skin. The cleanser’s relaxing blend of essential oils will leave your complexion refreshed and rejuvenated.

    Step 2: Serum

    Next up in your routine should be a serum. While there are many serums out there, our Supernova Skin Soothing Serum is perfect for any skin type. It’s non-greasy and non-oily finish will leave your complexion velvety soft. Just a few drops every day will do the trick.

    Step 3: Eye Cream

    Any beauty lover knows it’s never too early to start using an eye cream. The richly formulated Brightening Moonbeam Eye Cream will surely revitalize under and around your eyes. It’s perfect for minimizing dark circles, puffiness, and the look of fine lines and wrinkles through an intense surge of hydration.

    Step 4: Facial Cream

    Introducing the new shining star in your daily routine: the Radiant Glow Moisturizing Facial Cream. Gently blend our beloved cream into your face and neck for the perfect amount of moisture. While we know it’s tempting, don’t get carried away—a little will go a long way when applying this cream.

    Step 5: Overnight Mask

    While you can leave it at a facial cream, elevate your skincare routine with the Celestial Vibes Overnight Mask. After applying our mask to your face and neck, all you have to do is get some beauty sleep! As you dream, the overnight mask will moisturize your complexion and get it ready for a new day.

    Ready to revamp your daily beauty regimen? You can shop our entire collection online today.


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