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    How to Identify Your Skin Type

    How to Identify Your Skin Type

    Know the Difference Between Skin Types

    There is no one-size-fits-all skincare—and your skin deserves to be treated as uniquely as it is. To do so, get familiar with your skin type. You’ll be able to choose products better and create a routine that targets problem areas. First, let’s take a look at the different skin types. Then we’ll help you identify which one best describes your complexion.

    5 Different Skin Types


    Dry skin often feels tight and can cause flaking. Genetics and environmental factors (like lifestyle, diet, hormonal changes, and climate) can cause dry skin.


    Oily skin, which can create a nice layer of moisture, often leads to clogged pores. Blotting papers are your best friend if you have oily skin to help manage hydration levels and keep your pores clean.


    Those with combination skin experience oily and dry spots on their complexion. Typically, the cheeks will be more dry while the t-zone (chin, nose, and lower forehead) will be more oily.


    Having normal skin is the holy grail of the beauty and skincare industry. While you’ll still experience dry and oily days, more often than not, your skin is, well, normal.


    Sensitive skin can cause irritation, inflammation, redness, and itchiness. Always read the ingredients list to protect your skin from parabens, sulfate, and synthetic fragrances.

    How to Identify Your Skin Type

    Waking up one day with excessive oil on your t-zone doesn’t mean you have oily skin. Just like having a dry spot on your cheek doesn’t mean you have dry skin. Our skin goes through hormonal changes that aren’t the same day to day. To really determine which skin type you have, try the bare-faced test.

    Cleanse your face (we recommend Luna’s Favorite Facial Cleanser) and gently pat dry—do not apply any other product. Then, wait an hour.

    • You have dry skin if… your skin feels tight.
    • You have oily skin if… you have shine on your t-zone and cheeks.
    • You have normal to combination skin if… you have some shine on your t-zone

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