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    Vitamin C for Glowing Skin: The Secret Ingredient You'll Want in All Your Skincare

    Vitamin C for Glowing Skin: The Secret Ingredient You’ll Want in All Your Skincare

    Use Products with Vitamin C for Glowing Skin

    We’re sure you’ve heard of vitamin C for a health and wellness boost, but have you considered it in your skincare routine? More and more vitamin C is working its way into your favorite products, and we’re here to tell you why. Here’s the secret: it gives you glowing skin! That’s right, this antioxidant will leave you with a bright, firm, smooth, and nourished complexion. Let’s take a closer look at why we use Vitamin C for glowing skin.

    • Instant and long-term effects: The thing about vitamin C is you’ll notice a radiant glow after your first use. After some time, the intensity will fade. But with consistent application, your complexion will see a more permanent glow.
    • Long list of benefits: There’s no shortage of reasons why vitamin C is excellent for your skin. It creates a protective barrier from UV rays and pollutants, supports existing collagen, reduces dark spots, evens skin tone, and will brighten and plump up your face.
    • Friendly for all skin types: Whether your skin is dry, normal, or oily, vitamin C is your friend! Even acne and rosacea-prone complexions can see the effect of vitamin C.

    Vitamin C Products You Need in Your Skincare Routine

    At June’s Moon, we love Vitamin C! So much, our Supernova Skin Soothing Serum and Celestial Vibes Overnight Mask are abundant in this extraordinary antioxidant. Surely these products will become a staple in your daily skincare routine. Here’s why:

    Supernova Skin Soothing Serum

    This soothing, multifunctional serum works to provide a velvety soft texture for your skin. Our serum is non-greasy and non-oily, leaving your face feeling fresh all day- even while you’re busy dreaming.

    Use the Supernova serum dropper twice a day, in the morning and at night, before applying any moisturizer, sunscreen, night cream, or a night mask. Three to five drops directly on your face should do the trick— then gently rub it into your skin.

    Celestial Vibes Overnight Mask

    Restore your skin to that silky-smooth feeling you know and love with our overnight mask. Our innovative, plant-derived formula delivers a powerful boost of moisture while you rest.

    Simply apply our overnight mask over your face and neck after your other nightly skincare products. There’s no need to wipe or rinse it off in the morning—thanks to its fast-acting properties. You’ll never be left with a greasy feeling the next day!

    Need More June’s Moon?

    Our vitamin C products will no doubt become your go-to for glowing skin. If you’re looking for a little something more, check out our complete line of skincare products. From cleansers to creams, you’ll build the perfect routine in no time.


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