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    Vitamin E and Skin: The Ingredient You Need in Your Skincare

    Vitamin E and Skin: The Ingredient You Need in Your Skincare

    The Benefits of Vitamin E and Skin

    Out of all the skincare ingredients out there, vitamin E is definitely among the most common. It’s found naturally in our bodies and is abundant in certain foods. So, why would we need it in our skincare too? Look at these benefits of vitamin E and skin health.

    • Powerful skin repair: Topically applied vitamin E can help restore cells from sun damage and healing scars.
    • Intense moisturizing: Vitamin E will strengthen your skin’s barrier and lock in all of that sweet hydration.
    • Essential health: As an antioxidant, vitamin E is essential for maintaining healthy skin and preventing skin damage.
    • Natural anti-inflammatory: Vitamin E will soothe, calm, and hydrate the skin because of its natural anti-inflammatory properties.
    • Free radical protection: Free radicals are just the worst. Vitamin E helps protect your skin against the damage free radicals can cause.

    What Skin Products Use Vitamin E

    If you’re looking for an extra boost of Vitamin E in your skincare routine, check out the ingredients on your moisturizer, serum, and cleanser. You’ll find vitamin E most commonly in these three products, but others use this essential antioxidant too! We recommend giving these products a try:

    Supernova Skin Soothing SerumThis soothing, multifunctional serum works to provide a velvety soft texture for your skin. Our serum is non-greasy and non-oily, leaving your face feeling fresh all day—even while you’re busy dreaming.

    Celestial Vibes Overnight Mask: Restore your skin to that silky-smooth feeling you know and love with our overnight mask. Our innovative, plant-derived formula delivers a powerful boost of moisture while you rest.

    Vitamin E in Skincare

    A perfect addition to your skincare products is vitamin E. June’s Moon uses vitamin E by combining it with extracts from the cherimoya fruit. Your skincare routine will be unstoppable with these ingredients. Shop our entire collection online!


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