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    Treat Yourself to These Beauty Self Care Tips

    Treat Yourself to These Beauty Self Care Tips

    7 Beauty Self Care Tips You Have to Try

    Let’s face it—life is stressful. There’s always something going on, that we sometimes forget to schedule time for ourselves. So, we encourage you to take a day off and relax with these 7 beauty self care tips from the June’s Moon skincare experts.

    • Set the Mood. There’s no way you can relax in a noisy or cluttered space. Clean off your bed or desk, light some candles, and put on soothing spa music.
    • Pour yourself a drink of choice. No matter your preference (water, smoothie, or wine), unwind with a glass of your drink of choice.
    • Apply a face mask. When we think self care, we think of a face mask. We love our Celestial Vibes Overnight Mask because it’s lightweight and soaks into the skin over time, meaning you won’t have to hassle with peeling or washing off residue.
    • Declutter your beauty storage. Whether you keep all your beauty products in a drawer, cabinet, or bin, we bet it’s cluttered. Go through your products, toss the expired or unused ones, and organize your collection to your liking.
    • Rethink your skincare routine. After organizing all your products, take some time to rethink your skincare routine. What products are working for you, and which have you tossed? Maybe it’s time to try some new ones from June’s Moon.
    • Read up on beauty blogs. While you’re relaxing, scroll through the blogs of your favorite brands. If you’re here, we bet you’ll enjoy some of our other articles!
    • Treat yourself to some online shopping. You deserve to treat yourself to some new beauty products. Our skincare line is formulated to be soothing, relaxing, and calming—perfect for self care nights or your daily routine.

    More Self Care Tips for Skin

    If you’ve enjoyed our beauty self care ideas, here are some bonus skincare tips!

    • Always cleanse and moisturize your complexion daily, no matter your skin type.
    • Start using an eye cream in your routine; it’s never too early to combat fine lines and wrinkles!
    • If you bundle products at June’s Moon, you’ll save money.
    • Follow us on Instagram for weekly skincare tips and tricks!

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