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    Luxury Skincare – Worth the Money?

    Luxury Skincare – Worth the Money?

    3 Reasons Luxury Skincare is Worth the Money

    Developing an effective skincare routine for your skin can take a lot of time, energy, and (worst of all) money. But when you find the perfect product that delivers results—it becomes worth every penny.

    So, how expensive is too expensive? We’ve put together this list on shopping high-end skincare to help guide your decision making.

    Here are three reasons we think luxury skincare is worth the money!

    1. Credibility & Reviews

    If you’re going to be splurging on skincare, you’ll want to know if it will actually work. While every product, ingredient, and formula may work differently for different people, overall results tend to be the same. For this reason, look for luxury products that have customer-backed credibility. Reviews will help you determine if the product is a hit or miss.

    2. Quality Ingredients

    As a customer, it’s understandable to expect higher standards and more quality ingredients in expensive products. While we can’t speak for other brands, we can attest to the thought behind selecting and sourcing the finest ingredients for June’s Moon skincare. We took what nature has to offer our skin and developed calming and soothing skincare products. From Cherimoya Fruit and Vitamins C and E to Hyaluronic Acid and Natural Oils, our luxury products help to support healthy and glowing skin.

    3. Advanced Formulas

    There is more to skincare formulas than throwing together high-quality ingredients. It’s crucial to know which ingredients work best together to provide amazing effects. At June’s Moon, we worked tirelessly to develop formulas specific to each product that drive results for our customers, including a serum, moisturizer, facial cleanser, overnight mask, and eye cream.

    Are You Ready to Try Luxury Skincare?

    At June’s Moon, we want to provide you with the best skincare experience we can give—without breaking your bank. That’s why we’ve created a trio & bundle just for you!

    • The Personal Trio Select three of your favorite June’s Moon products and enjoy a 10% discount! A deluxe jade roller is also included with your purchase.
    • The Complete Bundle Don’t want to choose only three? Try our complete bundle, including our 5-piece skincare set, luxury travel bag, exclusive bundle box, and a deluxe jade roller—not to mention a 15% discount!

    Ready to try luxury skincare? Shop the calming June’s Moon skincare collection online!


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