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    Do You Need a Summer Skincare Routine?

    Do You Need a Summer Skincare Routine?

    3 Reasons Your Skin Needs Summer Skincare

    The season changed—does your skincare have to? The experts at June’s Moon think so! As you prepare for travel, beach days, summer Friday’s, and whatever else you have planned this summer, consider your current skincare routine. Do you have an abundance of products? Are they geared towards helping dry skin? Are the bottles big and bulky?

    We’re sharing all the reasons your skin needs summer skincare.

    Reason #1: Your Skin Needs May Change

    While most complexions have the same skin type all year round, that doesn’t mean your skin’s needs remain the same. For example, you may have dry skin, but because you’re spending more time in warmer climates, your skin may need less hydration than it does in the winter. For this reason, it may be better to swap your heavy moisturizing cream for a lightweight, non-oily serum.

    Reason #2: Products Should be Travel-Friendly

    Where do you plan on traveling this summer? While we know travel sizes exist, and you can pour products into travel bottles, it’s more convenient if your skincare already comes in travel-friendly packaging. During the summer, we suggest repurchasing smaller sizes of your favorite skincare products.

    Pro-tip: Our Supernova Skin Soothing Serum is only 1.0 fl. oz. or 30 mL, making it ideal for travel all year long. And you only need a few drops daily, so it’ll last you longer than you think!

    Reason #3: Add in What the Summer Takes Away

    During the summer, we tend to expose our skin to more intense weather, like hot, humid, or dry environments. It’s crucial to have summer skincare with antioxidants to add in what the weather strips away. We love Vitamin C and E because they work to protect the skin and provide a radiant glow!

    Shop Summer Skincare Online

    If you’re ready to change up your summer skincare routine, start shopping June’s Moon online. Our products are gentle enough for everyday use and work to calm and soothe the skin. They also help create a natural glow while being non-oily!


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