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    Should You Apply Skincare Before Makeup? (Answered)

    Should You Apply Skincare Before Makeup? (Answered)

    Applying Skincare Before Makeup 101

    Should you apply skincare before makeup? Yes!

    While we all love a good full-coverage foundation, the best way to eliminate texture and dark spots is through skincare. Applying some skincare products before your makeup routine can help create a flawless and smooth finish.

    Here are the best skincare products to apply before makeup:

    1. Start with a Clean Base

    The best makeup blends smoothly into your skin and doesn’t sit on top of the surface. Think of the dirt and oils your skin can build up during the day or overnight. Before applying any makeup, start with a clean base. Our Luna’s Favorite Facial Cleanser is gentle for everyday use and perfect to wash away impurities.

    2. Smooth and Hydrate

    Do you ever wonder if primers actually do anything? You won’t have to guess with the June’s Moon Serum and Moisturizer. While the serum works to create a velvety-smooth texture for your complexion, the moisturizing cream will increase your skin’s hydration level.

    3. Eliminate Dark Circles and Creases

    The worst thing is applying a beautiful concealer and still seeing dark circles and creases. To combat this, use the Brightening Moonbeam Eye Cream. It will minimize dark circles, puffiness, and the look of fine lines and wrinkles.

    Skincare for All Skin Types

    The best part about these products is they work for all skin types! June’s Moon developed formulas that deliver radiant results for normal, dry, oily, or sensitive complexions. They’re effective and gentle to be used every day, especially before your makeup routine.

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