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    How to Layer Skincare: A Step-by-Step Guide

    How to Layer Skincare: A Step-by-Step Guide

    How to Layer Skincare the Right Way

    So, you’ve decided to get into skincare, bought a bunch of new products, and are now wondering what to do with all of them. June’s Moon is here to help you figure out how to layer skincare products—the right way. Read our guide for a step-by-step routine and some pro tips!

    Why is Skincare Layering Important?

    If you’re applying every product anyway, why does the order of doing so matter? Well, there are actually three reasons why skincare layering is important.

    • The product may not penetrate: If a lighter product is applied on top of a heavy formula, it may not penetrate that heavy barrier and reach your skin.
      • Pro-tip: If you can’t remember the best order to apply your skincare products, try to stick to the “light to heavy” rule of thumb, meaning use all thin, fluid, and water-based products before thick, creamy, and oily ones.
    • The product may be less effective: If a product can’t penetrate your skin, then it won’t be able to perform its intended effect.
    • You could harm your skin: By not applying skincare products in the right order, and letting their ingredients work effectively, new skin issues can occur, such as dryness or dehydration.

    The June’s Moon Morning and Night Skincare Routine

    Our skincare collection is the perfect line up for a morning or nighttime routine. It includes all of the active ingredients you’re looking for, like hyaluronic acid and vitamin C.

    Pro-tip: Purchase The Complete Bundle for an easy, revitalizing skincare routine, excellent for at-home or on-the-go relief with our June’s Moon travel bag.

    Step 1: Cleanse with Luna’s Favorite Facial Cleanser

    First, treat your skin to something sweet! Our gentle, sulfate free facial cleanser is safe enough for everyday use—morning and night. Squeeze a small amount into your palms and gently massage it over your face. Use warm or cool water to create a generous lather then rinse well and lightly pat dry.

    Step 2: Apply Supernova Skin Soothing Serum for an All-Day Glow

    Second, use our multifunctional, soothing serum to provide a velvety soft texture for your skin. It’s non-greasy and non-oily, meaning your face will feel fresh all day. We recommend applying three to five drops directly onto your face and gently rub it into your skin.

    Step 3: Minimize Signs of Aging with Our Brightening Moonbeam Eye Cream

    Third, feel revitalized with our richly formulated brightening eye cream. It’s perfect for minimizing dark circles, puffiness, and the look of fine lines and wrinkles—especially in the morning. Not to mention its nourishing blend will deliver intense hydration all day long! Gently rub a small amount into your skin under and around your eyes for the best results.

    Step 4: Hydrate with Our Radiant Glow Moisturizing Facial Cream

    Lastly, hydrate your skin all day long with to our beloved moisturizing facial cream. Its sure to be a shining star in your morning or night skincare routine. Apply a small amount all over your face and neck to start feeling like your best you!

    Pro-tip: Use an overnight mask at the end of your nightly routine for those days your skin just needs a little extra hydration.

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