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    Best Skincare Hashtags to Follow on Instagram

    Best Skincare Hashtags to Follow on Instagram

    Are You Following These 5 Skincare Hashtags on Instagram?

    If you didn’t already know—you can follow hashtags on Instagram to curate your feed even further. From brands to influencers to hashtags, your feed can stay up to date with the things you love (and we know you love skincare if you’re reading this blog). So, what are the best skincare hashtags to follow on Instagram? Here are our top five favorites!

    Number 5: #skincarecommunity

    With over 2.3 million posts, #skincarecommunity is our go-to hashtag. It’s full of fun photos from products and promotions to influencers and real customers. We love to use this hashtag when we’re sharing something the entire skincare community should know.

    Number 4: #skincareroutine

    If you love trying the latest trends, #skincareroutine is perfect for you. Everyone (16.8 million to be exact) is sharing how they apply skincare and what products they use. Not to mention there are tons of tips and tricks to scroll through!

    Number 3: #allnaturalskincare

    If you’re looking to be inspired by nature, follow #allnaturalskincare. With over 381,000 posts, this hashtag will adorn your feed with brightly colored images that show off natural ingredients used in skincare products. It’s where we highlight our cherimoya fruit power ingredient!

    Number 2: #soothingskincare

    Coming in second place is #soothingskincare. With our skincare line being centered around soothing and calming skin, it’s no wonder we love this hashtag. Growing with over 12,000 posts, this is a great hashtag to follow to fill your feed with soothing skincare and natural ingredients without overwhelming your feed.

    Number 1: #junesmoon

    Of course we have to give our number one favorite hashtag to our brand, June’s Moon. Every post on our Instagram is tagged with our custom #junesmoon hashtag. We always encourage IG users show off how they use our products! It’s a fun way for us to interact with our customers.

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